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Establish a Fund

The ACF team can connect your client with the right fund to support them as they catalyze progress in the community.

| Donor Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds offer the advantages of a private foundation with lower management costs and greater tax benefits. Your client can establish a fund in the name of their family, business, or anyone they wish to honor.

| Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to invest in causes they care about including arts, education, or health. The donor specifies their interest when the fund is created and may rely on ACF to identify organizations making the greatest impact.

| Designated Funds

Designated Funds ensure long-term support for a specific nonprofit organization, identified by the donor when the fund is established. The designated organization receives an annual disbursement from the Non-Endowed or Endowed fund.

| Organization Funds

Organization funds are established by nonprofit organizations seeking to raise reserve funds to support their efforts. These funds connect your client directly with specific beneficiary nonprofit organizations they are passionate about. Organization Funds can be established as a non-endowed or endowed fund.

| Scholarship Funds

ACF’s Scholarship Funds connect students to individuals passionate about education to enable more students to reach their educational goals. Scholarship funds may be established to benefit a specific student demographic, school, or field of study.

| Endowment Funds

When you work with ACF, it’s easy–and enjoyable–to structure your client’s endowment as their gift to improve the quality of life for future generations.

| Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds are named in memory of a loved one and can also be combined with other types of funds.

Stephanie Gianneschi

Director of Philanthropic Services

| Interested in establishing a fund?

Contact Stephanie Gianneschi, Director of Philanthropic Services, or call 970-925-9300 to learn more about establishing a fund.

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