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Mission, Vision, and Values

| Our Mission

Inspire philanthropy and ignite collaborative action that leads to community-led change.

| Our Vision

For the Aspen to Parachute region to be a diverse and culturally rich place where all people have equitable opportunities to thrive.

| Our Values


We believe including individuals’ unique perspectives is critical to achieving our mission. We bring humility, cultural sensitivity, and respect into our relationships to ensure everyone feels they belong and are valued for who they are and what they contribute.


We leverage resources to elevate and advance opportunities within our region. We recognize that individuals need different types of support and work to eliminate barriers that stand in the way of their overall well-being.


We believe the community holds the solutions. We value the ongoing practice of asking questions and actively listening. We take a genuine interest in understanding the root causes of issues and the experiences of others. 


As community stewards, we act ethically, honestly, and with accountability.


We facilitate collaboration among nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to ignite community-led change.


We continually strive to learn, grow, and improve as an organization. Active learning requires us to be not only curious, but also apply what we learn to make positive changes in service of community. We believe with learning comes growth and opportunity.

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