Our Grants

For more than four decades, Aspen Community Foundation has been addressing the diverse and changing needs of the Aspen to Parachute region through annual discretionary funding. Each year, approximately $2 million is raised and disbursed. This funding is made possible by annual contributions from donors wishing to support a pooled grantmaking fund including individuals and families, businesses, foundations, and donor advised funds.
Aspen Community Foundation discretionary grantmaking is made up of three primary investment areas:

Community Grantmaking - providing general operating and program-specific grants to nonprofits working in the areas of early childhood education, K-12 education support and youth development, family support, and essential human services. 

Scholarships - helping students in need reach their postsecondary goals. ACF holds 10 funds that provide tuition assistance to graduating high school seniors and returning college students. These funds help students from diverse backgrounds with varying college and career paths, including first generation college attendees, low-income students, and those pursuing technical certification.

Direct Assistance - helping those on the edge of financial hardship afford essential services such as housing, food, transportation and health care.

ACF prioritizes efforts that address critical needs and increase access for the most vulnerable throughout the region, expanding opportunities for all to live healthy, independent lives. Through the generosity of contributors, ACF supports nonprofit organizations that serve children, students and families, and provide essential human services. Our impact also extends to helping individuals access mental health services and assisting those who experience temporary financial hardship. 
The Cradle to Career Initiative (CCI) addresses the quiet crisis facing our region’s 20,000 youth and children: profound achievement gaps between low-income children and their more affluent peers, acute differences in hope between our Latino and Anglo students, and many high school students unprepared for college and career. This fund provides financial support for CCI including ACF’s role as backbone and operator of the Preschool on Wheels program, as well as collaborative efforts that are working toward kindergarten readiness, social emotional well-being, and college and career attainment for the most vulnerable youth in our region.

Throughout its history, ACF has supported organizations addressing the spectrum of needs throughout the Aspen to Parachute region. By prioritizing areas of greatest need, holistic approaches, measurable results, and collaboration, ACF’s investments continue to create a stronger civic and community vitality. This fund provides competitive grants to nonprofits on an annual basis.

The first five years of a child’s life is a time of extraordinary brain development that shapes cognitive and social emotional growth. Quality, enriching early childhood experiences during this crucial time is vital to ensuring that children have a positive start in life. This fund supports parent education, preschool, and literacy programs that promote social-emotional development and school readiness.

Despite the perception of abundance, many in the Aspen to Parachute region struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Many in our community do not earn enough to meet basic needs such as housing, childcare, food, healthcare, and transportation. This fund supports organizations and agencies that help families and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship.

ACF addresses the interconnectedness of place, people, and quality of life by partnering with Aspen Skiing Company's Environment Foundation to match employee contributions. From environmental and conservation groups to organizations advocating for green energy, smart growth, and alternative solutions, this partnership supports the protection and preservation of our natural environment. 
If you would like to help those in the Roaring Fork valley faced with uncertainty during the 2020 wildfires, please donate to the Fire Fund which provides a vehicle for donors to support the immediate and long-term needs of disaster victims and their families as well as impacted agencies and communities. Monies from this fund are disbursed to provide immediate relief as well as to organizations and entities addressing the longer-term needs of individuals, families, and communities.


Our region presents healthcare challenges including geographic isolation, seasonal and low-wage jobs without health benefits, and the highest health insurance premiums in the country. In particular, the community has significant instances of substance abuse and other mental health issues. This fund provides assistance for families and individuals who need mental health services.

A cancer diagnosis can cause financial hardship for patients and families due to decreased income and treatment-related costs. Expenses such as household bills, travel for treatment, and child care, for example, take an economic toll on families. In partnership with Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation, this fund provides financial assistance to patients, survivors, families and caregivers to help mitigate this burden.

ACF directs eight scholarship funds which provide tuition assistance to graduating high school seniors and returning college students. These funds support students from diverse backgrounds with varying college and career paths, including first-generation college attendees, low-income students, and those pursuing technical certification and apprenticeship training.