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Q&A With PFLAG Roaring Fork Valley

Happy Pride Month! PFLAG RFV brings resources together for families, allies, and the LGBTQ+ community in the valley. We recently sat down with PFLAG RFV to discuss their role in the community and partnership with Aspen Community Foundation. 

  1. How is ACF’s support unique from other partnerships?

We love how ACF always has the big picture in mind. They seek to improve the day-to-day lives of youth and families through grant-making to nonprofits like ours. We feel like ACF is a true partner because of that shared vision and the easy access when we approach their team with questions. 

ACF is also unique in their regional scope. One of our priorities at PFLAG RFV is to bring access to LGBTQIA+ programs and support to every town between Aspen and Parachute. Even though they’re based in Aspen, ACF has the same range of support and wants to help us serve the western part of our region. ACF sponsors our Pizza and Game night in Rifle, as well as our quarterly social events which rotate up and down the valley to different towns.  

  1. What’s next for PFLAG?

We’re always dreaming up the next fun event to offer the community. We try to make our signature event – our monthly parent/caregiver/adult ally peer-to-peer groups – either very informative, very fun, or both! And they are always a space to be yourself and get support for people who understand, so that you can in turn support your LGBTQIA+ loved ones.

Owing to our partnership with YouthZone, from now on, those meetups will be both in-person in Basalt and hybrid in-person and virtual in Glenwood Springs! Our goal for late 2023 is to bring these meetings physically to Rifle as well.

For youth, we’re happy to announce that our free indoor climb sessions at the Glenwood Springs Community Center will continue for the foreseeable future! Connect and Climb is a collaboration with Cook Inclusive Company. Families with kids or younger adolescents should definitely take advantage of this friendly safe space to climb and hangout. Older teens are also welcome, and allies are encouraged to join, too! Part of the shared vision of our local LGBTQIA+ nonprofits is a strong and vast community network of all identities, including allies. There is power in numbers and there is belonging in community. 

  1. How can people get involved and learn more about PFLAG? Is anything happening during Pride Month that can engage community members?

We like people to reach out through whichever channel feels most comfortable. Call or text 970-306-6845, email, or DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or drop by at an event. We met many new faces at Avon and Glenwood Springs Pride events and are hoping to connect with more folks at the Aspen Community Pride on June 29th! Come to our table and say hello!

For a one-stop-information-shop on event and support group opportunities, our PFLAG RFV Events Calendar is really more of a community calendar – we try to post any LGBTQIA+ event from Aspen to Parachute and even in the Eagle Valley. There is a ton posted for June and July, for all ages and for all identities!

  1. Anything else to add? (Anecdotes, Pride Month, etc.)

We hope that during this Pride month, and this summer, people will reach out to get connected. Anyone feeling isolated, not getting support at home or school, or exploring new feelings about their gender or sexual identities – get a hold of us, anonymous is fine, we can lend an ear and explain all of the resources that are available, including free counseling with affirming therapists through our partners at AspenOUT. 

Si usted o los miembros de su familia prefieren comunicarse en español, ¡también lo haremos posible! Tenemos un intérprete presente en nuestras reuniones entre pares de adultos/cuidadores y si un miembro de la familia o una persona LGBTQ quiere hablar con alguien uno a uno en español, también lo haremos realidad.


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