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The Giving Network engages philanthropists in the Aspen, CO, region about pressing community issues and needs through collaborative learning. By pooling funds and resources, we make impactful grants to regional nonprofits who serve to catalyze change.

High-Impact Philanthropy

We are a group of committed philanthropists in the Aspen region who are interested in making a difference by supporting the work of nonprofit organizations (501(c)(3)) serving our community from Aspen to Parachute, CO.

Giving Network members meet several times a year to learn from experts and practitioners who are dedicated to finding solutions for the region’s most pressing issues and needs. Members listen, review data, discuss the challenges and seek to identify promising solutions through peer conversations and collaborative learning. 

Founded in 2016 and hosted by the Aspen Community Foundation with the generous support of Laura and Gary Lauder, the Giving Network provides a unique opportunity for philanthropists to pool funds and allocate large grants that have meaningful impact (around $500,000 annually.)

Since our inception over $2,500,000 in Giving Network investments have advanced youth outcomes in kindergarten readiness, youth social and emotional wellbeing, and post-high school success, among other areas of regional nonprofit support.

Giving Network Grants

We are an independent group of philanthropists, who lean on the expertise of the Aspen Community Foundation for administrative support during gatherings. Our grant process is exclusively run by, scored and voted on by Giving Network members.

Applications for 2024 Giving Network grants closed February 14, 2024, and will be awarded in August, 2024. Applications for 2025 Giving Network Grants are expected to open the first week of January, 2025

Organizational Criteria

In 2024, the Giving Network was looking for organizations that serve our region and can demonstrate a need for funding of a program or service that supports any pressing community issue or need, especially expansions, enhancements or new services to better support our community. We want to see you take your organization to the next level of sustainable operations. How can we help fund this next step for you?

For information on the current 2024 grant cycle, please look at a breakdown of our granting timeline.

Join the Giving Network

Contact Ramona Bruland, the Giving Network Chair at or call Ramona at c.970-497-6775. Giving Network membership starts at $5,000 annually, with opportunities to give more.


2024 Giving Network Members

Pam Alexander

Kalah Espinoza and David Agger

Abby and Steve Anderson

Jill and Paul Aschkenasy

Sonya Auvray

Tasia Bade

Seth and Cori Berger

Meredith Berman

Jody and Jeffrey Black

Elizabeth Bohart

Michael and Courtney Brown

Neal and Robin Buchalter

Diana Bulman

Lauren Rosen and David Chazen

John Cresap

Susan Crown and William Kunkler

Megan DiSabatino

Tony DiLucia

Heather and Todd duBoef

Gail and Alfred Engelberg

Laurel Gilbert and Bruce Etkin

Jaimie and David Field

Andrew and Kristen Firman

Carla and George Frampton

Anna and Matt Freedman

Barbara and Karl Friedman

Dale Genet

Rachel and Ephraim Gildor

Barbara Gold

Ramona Bruland and Michael Goldberg

Andi and Jim Gordon

Lisie and Michael Gottdenker

Jane and Allen Grossman

Jerry and Glenda Greenwald

Bobbi Hapgood

Amanda and Brett Hirsh

Laura and Mike Kaplan

Jeffrey and Robin Kaplan 

Christine Karnes 

Diana Duffey and Vince Lahey 

Laura and Gary Lauder 

Melony and Adam Lewis 

Susan and Fred Lodge

Katherine Lorenz 

Morgan Fixel and Duncan Mendelson 

Jay Hughes and Jackie Merrill 

Martha and Adam Metz

Sissy and Brent Miller 

Marcie and Robert Musser 

Esther and Craig Navias 

Jim Gilchrist and Lynn Nicols

Wally and Helen Obermeyer 

Laurie Crown and Rick Ortega 

Casey and Michael Patak

Laura and Michael Paulus

Bob Bridger and Julia Pirrung 

Sarah Broughton and John Rowland 

Stephen Sander 

Kirsten and Chad Schmit

Rick and Zibby Schwartz 

Marina and Oliver Sharpe

Lesley and Tommy Slatkin

Katya and Zach Sternberg 

Elisha and Jeffrey Zander

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