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Donors support student experiential learning trips

Established and supported by donors, ACF administers funds that send students from the Roaring Fork Valley on experiential learning trips to Europe and Africa. In all, 19 area high school students will participate this year.

McBride African Intern Fund
The McBride African Intern Fund is supporting eight area students traveling to LEWA Wilderness Conservancy in northern Kenya July 14-28. The internships are designed to be inspiring experiences for the students and broaden their exposure to other cultures and continents. Underwritten by Laurie and John McBride, students participate in wildlife and nature conservancy, water projects, medical clinics, learning about aboriginal communities and community building. They will be accompanied and supervised by Aaron and Molly Garland, who have been involved with the program since it began in 2014.

Young man with backpack standing next to a small village on the coast

Normandy and World War II Education Fund
Paul Bushong established the Normandy and World War II Education Fund in 2017 to support an overseas education field trip for interested high school students in the Roaring Fork Valley. The intention is for youth to gain perspective on an important piece of American history in the 20th century, the invasion of Normandy during World War II. This year from July 14-25, 11 students from Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs traveled to New Orleans and spend four days at the National World War II Museum. They continued on to France and drove to the beaches of Normandy for an in-depth look at the iconic battle site. Upon returning, all students are required to create a report summary of what they learned and present it to their designated history classes.


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