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Aspen to Parachute

Aspen Community Foundation’s service area spans an 80-mile corridor of ranch land and mountain slopes along the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers, comprising nearly 4,000 square miles. Characterized as a “rural-resort” region, this area is noted for its stunning wilderness and popular resort towns on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.
It is home to working families, many of whom are employed in businesses and industries serving tourism in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. There are substantial disparities in wealth in this region, which leads to dramatic differences in youth development and education outcomes for the region’s 24,000 children aged 0-24.

A profound educational achievement gap opens in kindergarten; and, too often, this gap is never closed. The preschools, afterschool enrichment programs, academic tutoring, college counseling, and summer camps that many affluent families take for granted are largely unavailable to low-income parents. Our region’s children are at risk.

Founded in 1980, ACF works to improve the quality of life in our region. ACF directs a collection of funds that have been created by individuals, families, nonprofits, and businesses for charitable purposes. Each year, ACF awards millions of dollars in grants to nonprofits from these funds, addressing the needs of working families struggling to survive, and putting at-risk schoolchildren on solid footing for their futures.

ACF convenes local organizations and community leaders to identify regional needs and implement effective solutions through its grantmaking. Improving the outcomes for youth—from birth through career readiness—will have significant and measurable impacts on the region’s quality of life and economy.