Direct Assistance for Individuals and Families

ACF is able to help the most vulnerable in our region with the help of hundreds of donors who care about them.  We have four direct assistance programs for those experiencing financial hardship:
For questions or more information about any of these programs, please email

Mental Health Fund

The Mental Health Fund addresses concerns about the safety and security of individuals and families who are in need of mental health services and who cannot afford to pay for treatment. The Mental Health Fund was established in 2011 by Joan and Lawrence Altman and today is supported by generous donors including the Aspen Strong Foundation.

• Patient must reside in the area from Aspen to Parachute and be referred for mental health services by a local nonprofit organization, agency or private practitioner
• Patient is uninsured, under-insured and/or has serious financial challenges
• Provider is licensed to practice in Colorado and holds liability insurance
• Provider agrees to see patients at a reduced rate (please see rate table on provider application)
• Eligible services include private therapy, group therapy and psychiatric assessment
• Provider agrees to connect patients to ancillary community supports and resources to ensure the patient’s well-being after the funded time period The Mental Health Fund is not a resource for long-term therapy

 Mental Health Fund Guidelines

• Mental health providers may click
here to access the provider application. When submitted, providers must also must include a signed W-9, a copy of their liability insurance and their license to practice in the state of Colorado
• Once enrolled, mental health providers may submit a patient application for financial assistance on a case by case basis
• Funding is awarded to the mental health provider, not to the individual directly
• Reporting is required

Patient Application

Emergency Financial Assistance 

  • Through three targeted funds, the Gap Fund, the Emergency Assistance Fund and the Seniors Fund, ACF may provide food, shelter and emergency medical support for individuals and families who are experiencing temporary financial hardship. 
  • Criteria: 
  • • Applicant must reside in the area from Aspen to Parachute and be referred by a local nonprofit organization, school or government agency
  • • Applicant must have exhausted other community resources and avenues of financial support
  • Demonstration of how this funding will help the applicant get on a path to self-sufficiency is required
  • • The maximum allowable grant is $3,000 per individual per year; special circumstances may be considered
  • Please review these guidelines for more information.
  • Process:
  • • If you are a case manager or other referral agency, please click here for the application
  • • A case manager must submit a completed Emergency Financial Assistance Application and a detailed description of the emergency situation and financial need
  • • Funding will be provided to the requesting agency or to the vendor, not to the individual directly

Valley Autism Assistance Fund

  • The Valley Autism Assistance Program supports families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are in need of monetary support during times of emergency and crisis during life events.
  • Criteria:
  • • Applicant must reside in Garfield County, Pitkin County or Eagle County within the Roaring Fork Valley
  • • Applicant must provide proof of eligibility in the form of a medical diagnosis or educational identification of an autism spectrum disorder (including Autism, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS)
  • • Applicant must demonstrate financial need
  • • The maximum allowable grant is $1,000 per year per family
  • Process:
  • • If you are a case manager or other referral agency, click here for the application
  • • Applications are approved by an independent review committee

Quality of Life Cancer Fund

The Quality of Life Cancer Program supports the lives of people living with cancer, including patients, survivors, families and caregivers. The program provides emergency financial assistance to mitigate the financial burden that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

• Applicant must reside in the area from Aspen to Rifle
• The Fund will not be used for payment of medical procedures or medications
• Past bills will not be considered
• The maximum allowable grant is $3,000 to an applicant/family in any twelve-month period, and a lifetime maximum of $6,000 from the Fund

• Grants from the Fund are administered through the Aspen Valley Hospital in partnership with Valley View Hospital and Grand River Health
• Please call Deidre Hull at 970.661.3162 for more information or to request an application