Gus the Bus Inspires Educators In Steamboat Springs

In September, Gus the Bus, “accompanied” by Cradle to Career director Andy Davies, and Preschool on Wheels director Logan Hood, was invited to Steamboat Springs to showcase the Preschool on Wheels (POW) program and curriculum. According to officials in Steamboat Springs, 40% of children who enter kindergarten from their 3 school districts (of which 98% are enrolled in a full day kindergarten class) are not prepared and have not attended a preschool previously. Steamboat Springs sought to fund their own mobile program, and are close to launching a program. Gus the Bus rolled into town to help inspire final funding.

Locals also wanted Andy and Logan to present the POW program to officials representing government, school districts, Health & Human Services, Business and Early Childhood professionals of Routt County. They were interested to hear about the Cradle to Career Initiative, and the effectiveness and success of mobile preschool education in a similar rural/resort community.

One local preschool provider said, “Thanks so much for coming. I learn more every time we meet. Hopefully we can become as organized and focused as your Cradle to Career network. We are truly appreciative for all your help