Donors to the Emergency Assistance Fund

Vanessa and Karl Adam
Beatrice and Jeff Altman
Barbara Anthony
Jill and Paul Aschkenasy
Michael Behrendt
Madeline and James Berlin
Susan Bernard
Carla and Stephen Berry
David Bork
Karma Borgquist
Pauline and Art Bowles
Joyce O'Donnell and Saul Brandman
Tamara Tormohlen and Marc Breslin
Enedina Briceno
Stephen Brint
Robert Camp
Michael Carter
Castaways Foundation
Eric Chase
Colleen and Paul Cherett
Christin Cleaver
Barbara Conviser
Annie Cooke
Lucy and Steve Cookson
Gesine Crandall
Ellyn Craven
Anne and David Crossland
Catherine Cussaguet
Susan and Francois de Saint Phalle
Margaret DeWolf
Daniel DeWolfe
Holly and David Dreman
Krista Eddy
El Pomar Foundation
Gail and Alfred Engelberg
Elinor and Nelson Everts
Joan Farver
Ingegard Fehr
Kathleen McGinniss-Feinzig and Herbert Feinzig
Darlynn and Thomas Fellman
Susan and George Fesus
Julie and Richard Findley
Jerry and Nanette Finger
Sara Finkle
Wendy and Jason Flom
James Fondell
Karen and Marc Friedberg
Alison Friedman
Barbara and Karl Friedman
Joan and Steen Gantzel
Sara Garton
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Robert Gile
Holly and Richard Glasier
Lucy and Lawrence Glaubinger
DeeDee and Herb Glimcher
Barbara Gold
Kathy and Tom Goldberg
Cheryl and Stephen Goldenberg
Robert I. Goldman Foundation
Beth Goldsmith
Richard C. Goldstein Private Foundation
Patricia and Max Goracke
Ted Goudvis
Betty Greenwald
Saundra and Darryl Grosjean
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Marilyn Harper
Margaret and Doyle Hartman
Hetta and Jesse Heath
Nettie and George Heinz
Lita Warner Heller
Denise Henderson
Kristen Henry
Julia Herman
Juliane Heyman
Judith Steinberg and Paul Hoenmans
Stanley Hoffberger
Peggy Hofius
Alberta Hogg
Palmer Hood
Susan Horsey
Hilde Hottendorf
Katherine Hubbard
Robyn Hudgens
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Liba Icahn
Thomas Isaac
Jennifer Jacque
Jeff Jacobson
Sean and Greg Jeung
Sandy and George Kahle
Ian Kahn
Geraldine Karetsky
Jackie Kasabach
Susan Lau and Mark Kavasch
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Richard Kirk
Laura and Stanley Kornasiewicz
Ann and Tom Korologos
Ruth Kruger
Gail Nichols and William LaCouter
Land Title
Jony and Peter Larrowe
Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy
Nicole Levesque
Jill and John Levi
Nancy Lewitz
Natasha and Mark Leydecker
Sonja and Whitney Linman
Nikki Linn
Barbara Lish
The Little Nell
Patricia Maddalone
Cornelia Madsen
Avonel Manges
Christie and Christopher Manning
James Markalunas
Jake Mascotte
Ann Mason
Tita and Dan McCarty
Cheryl McCulloch
Marian McDonough
Andrew McGregor
Barbara and Pat McMahon
Carolyn Meadowcroft
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
Laurie Michaels
Lori and David Moore
Betty and Ken Moore
Mary and Paul Morrison
Virginia and Darnell Morrow
Ann Cook and Charles Moss
Becky and Mike Murray
Marcie and Robert Musser
Linda Nathanson
Ann Nichols
Patricia and Calvin Nolen
Ruth Owens
Lynda Palevsky
Jean and William A. Parker
Bruce Parlette
Susie and Danny Patterson
Everett Peirce
Carol Hood-Peterson and Brooke Peterson
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ina and Murray Pitt
Gina Pogliano
Anne and Arnold Porath
Jayne and Bill Poss
Vickie Anne and Don Pruter
Bob Purvis
Kelli and Allen Questrom
Kathryn and Richard Rabinow
Barbara Reese
Reese Henry & Co.
Rachel Richards
Valerie Richter
Judy and Jim Rifkin
Toni Rembe Rock and Arthur Rock
Mary Ellen and Peter Rogers
Neil Ross
Lynn Russell
Lois and Thomas Sando
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Edward Sands
Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford
Dagmar Bausova and Vince Savage
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
Ellen Freedman and Auden Schendler
Mary Jo Schendler
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Sue Schimmenti
Carole and Gordon Segal
Christopher Severson
Judith and Steve Sewell
Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
Teena and George Shaw
Betty Ann Shenk
Joyce and Charles Shenk
Bui and Herbert Simon
Joan and Virgil Simon
Karen and Philip Sirianni
Judi and Dan Smith
Michael Smith
Orli and William Staley
Susan Stein
Rick and Diane Stevens
Anastasia Stolyarova
Barbara and Joel Stone
Lollie Stone
Lou and Raymond Stover
Susan and Mark Straus
Edward Sullivan
Pat and William Terman
Margaret Thiel
Amy and Doug Throm
Anne and Bill Tobey
Robin Tolan
USC Lusk Center for Real Estate
Linda and Dennis Vaughn
Village Market, K-J Supermarkets
Nancy and Charles Wall
Mary and Larry Wallace
Pamela Wallen
Adelaide and Michael Waters
Patti and Jerome Webster
Tina and Brian Weiner
Lynda and Doug Weiser
Andrew Welgos
Carrie and Joseph Wells
Susan Fleet Welsch
Gerald Wendel
Loralee and Alfred West
Nyla and Fleet White
Debbie and Mike Wilde
Marilyn Wilmerding
Judy and Don Wrigley
Diane Wallace and Jeff Yusem
Mary and David Zinman