Donors to the ACF Community Fund

A La Carte
Oded Aboodi
Catherine and Gregg Adams
Nancy and Gaston Alciatore
Kenton Aldrich
Pam Alexander
Michelle Allmon
Daniel Alpert
Beatrice and Jeffrey Altman
Joan and Lawrence Altman
Stephen Alves
Jennifer and Thomas Amodio
Jeannette Anderson
Jeanne and Gerhard Andlinger
Karen and Harry Andrews
Margie and Pete Ankeny
Cherie and John Arscott
Sarah Ashton
Aspen School District
Carol and Robert Auld
Becky Ayres
Helen and Joe Badt
Charles Balbach
William Stoltz
Bridget and Rick Balentine
Susan and Charles Bantis
Amanda and Jason Barajas
Laird Barber
Edward Bass
Carol Batchelder
Cornelia Greaves Bates
Cornelia and Nathaniel Bates
Vicki Bauer
Susan Beckerman
Susan Beckman
Michael Behrendt
Donna Fisher and Skip Behrhorst
Lazara and Billy Belford
Janie and John Bennett
Joanna and Robbie Bennett
Katie and Carl Bergman
Tina and Simon Beriro
Madeline and James Berlin
Susan Bernard
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Jill and Jay Bernstein
Elyse Elliott and Jeremy Bernstein
Carla and Stephen Berry
Kathleen and William Bieber
Marilyn Bix
Julie Olson and Michael Blair
Rebecca Donelson and Robert Blattberg
Candace Goodwin and Rick Blauvelt
Rita and Irwin Blitt
Senator Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum
Michele Bodner
Allison and Randall Bone
Merilee and Roy Bostock
Janine and Michael Bourke
Sally Ruth Bourrie
Bonnie and Mike Boutell
Pauline and Art Bowles
Jacki and Mel Boyer
Mark Bradley
Lotta and Stuart Brafman
Tamara Tormohlen and Marc Breslin
Killeen Brettmann
Enedina Briceno
Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker
Ella and Scott Brittingham
Grace Brod
Mary Brooks
Courtney and Steve Brown
Sheri Bucholz-Smith
Jessica and Bill Budinger
Julie and Dick Bulkeley
Meredith and Dan Bullock
Michael Buysse
Lindsay and Shaun Cagley
Connie and Jim Calaway
Valerie and John Carlin
Kim Carlson
Judith Estrin and William Carrico
Richard Carter
Castaways Foundation
Tod Cecil
Center for Spiritual Living
CF Realty
David Chazen
Tim Chinn
Kristeen Church
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin
Deborah and Anthony Clancy
Caroline Cochener
Robin and Alan Cole
Maureen and Louis Cole
Annie Cooke
Deborah and Robert Copito
Anne and Lee Cotton
Carol Craig
Jenifer Seal Cramer and David Cramer
Gesine Crandall
Barbara and Herschel Cravitz
Zoe and Ernesto Cruz
Catherine Cussaguet
Sandy Simpson and Don Davidson
Andy and Brian Davies
Eleanor and Harold Davis
Helen Buchanan Davis
Marian Davis
Nancy Thomas and Roger Davis
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton
Martha De Laurentiis
Susan and Francois de Saint Phalle
Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
Marjorie DeLuca
Margaret DeWolf
Daniel DeWolfe
Jacqueline and Jesse Di Ianni
Germaine and Al Dietsch
Tony DiLucia
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Frances Dittmer
Sara Paschall Dodd
Laura Donnelley
Sheila Draper
Susan and Drew Drazin
Nancy Dunlap
Joyce and Paul Eckel
Marcy and Leo Edelstein
Marian Edelstein
Sandy and Paul Edgerley
Gael Neeson and Stefan Edlis
Tracy and Robert Eggleston
Nina and David Eisenstat
Jane and Michael Eisner
Libby and Ken Elbaum
Gail and Richard Elden
Laura Thielen and George Eldred
Pearl Eldridge
Electrical Outfitters
Jana Elordi
Frank Emanuel
Gayle Embrey
Shelley Emerick
Gail and Alfred Engelberg
Linda and Alan Englander
Debbie and Jerry Epstein
Suellen and Melvyn Estrin
Bruce Etkin
Elinor and Nelson Everts
Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Dena Kaye and Dick Fallin
Deborah Fanburg
Joan Kuyper Farver
Suzanne Farver
Ingegard Fehr
Anne and Alan Feld
Theba and Buster Feldman
Patricia and Rolen Ferris
Susan and George Fesus
Elizabeth and Dean Filiss
Patty and Peter Findlay
Nanette and Jerry Finger
Sara Finkle
Lari Goode and Mark Fischer
Gina Berko and David Fleisher
Marilyn Flint
James Fondell
Merrill Ford
Casey and Josh Foreman
Julie and Jon Fox-Rubin
Ginna and Tim Francis
Karen and Jim Frank
Erin and Jonathan Frankel
Julie and Martin Franklin
Donna and Gary Freedman
Helene and Owen Freeman
Marilyn and Chuck Frias
Karen and Marc Friedberg
Alison Friedman
Ashley Friedman
Barbara and Karl Friedman
Golda and Sheldon Friedstein
Ricki and Peter Fuchs
Sheila and David Fuente
Jessica and John Fullerton
Bo Gallagher
Nancy and R.J. Gallagher
Reilly Gallagher
The Gallegos Corporation
Joan and Steen Gantzel
Sara Garton
Bobbie and James Gates
Mary Elizabeth and Chris Geiger
Leonard Genet
Elaine and Gordon Gerson
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Gertler Family Foundation
Lauren and Isaac Gifford
Julia and Peter Gillette
Glenwood Springs Mall
Doris and Arthur Glick
Han and Ed Glickman
DeeDee and Herb Glimcher
Barbara Gold
Kathy and Tom Goldberg
Goldman Sachs Gives
Beth Goldsmith
Cynthia and Frank Goldsmith
Thorey and Barry Goldstein
Richard C. Goldstein Private Foundation
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone
Shirley Goodroe
Sharyn and Gary Goodson
Richard Goodwin
Andrea and Jim Gordon
Jennifer and Scott Gordon
Marcia Goshorn
Amy Gosnell
Pamela and Jim Graham
Leslie Petty and James Graham
Mira and Laurie Green
Arthur Greenberg
Marilyn and Dean Greenberg
Glenda and Gerald Greenwald
Saundra and Darryl Grosjean
Jane and Allen Grossman
Deborah Bendl and Brian Gruson
Joanne and Thomas Guggenheim
Susan and Morton Gurrentz
Janet Guthrie
Barbara and Peter Guy
Diane and Bruce Halle
Sally and Steven Hansen
Carolyn and Daniel Hardin
Ruth and Dan Harris
Jane and Richard Hart
Sam Harvey
Judith Hayward
Hetta and Jesse Heath
Karen and Mark Hedstrom
Nettie and George Heinz
Lita Warner Heller
Casady Henry
Kristen Henry
Jennifer and Brian Hermelin
Dietrich Heyder
Juliane Heyman
Ellen and Irv Hockaday
Ann Hodges
Judith Steinberg and Paul Hoenmans
Stanley Hoffberger
Eveline Hoffman
Dale and Kurt Hollinger
Karen and Bayard Hollins
Gail and Phil Holstein
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz
Vicki and Thomas Horwich
Annie and Jerry Hosier
Hilde Hottendorf
HP Geotech
Katherine Hubbard
Ann and Edward Hudson
Jeanie Humble
Diane and William Hunckler
Carol and Michael Hundert
Ellen and William Hunt
Barbara and J.R. Hyde
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Mick Ireland
Tom Isaac
Sandy and Charles Israel
Diane Israel
Linda and Arnold Jacob
Jaffe Family Foundation
Rusty and John Jaggers
Patty and Richard Jaquith
Sean and Greg Jeung
R. L. Johnson
Agnete and Mark Joseph
Lisa Kane Jung and Dennis Jung
Paula Kadison
Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding
Sandy and George Kahle
Suzanne and Stephen Kahn
Sandi and Jeffrey Kallenberg
Robert Kammer
Anne Kaplan
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Geraldine Karetsky
Mindy and Kenneth Karl
Randolph Karsh
Jane and Gerald Katcher
Bruce Katz
Jill and Curtis Kaufman
Gideon Kaufman
Virginia Harlow and Steve Kaufman
Harriet Washton and George Kaye
Jane Keener

Miriam and Erwin Kelen
Valery and Kearns Kelly
Vicki and Maxwell Kennedy
Susan and Stephen Kinney
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Richard Kirk
Sallie Klein
Elizabeth and Michael Klump
Cynthia Knight
Grace Knott
Ann and Tom Korologos
Sally and Jonathan Kovler
Jeffrey Kremer
Stanley Kritzik
Sheila and Michael Kurzman
Peter H. & E. Lucille Gaass Kuyper Foundation
Rachel Lai
Sarah and Keith Lambert
Marian and Leonard Lansburgh
Jony and Peter Larrowe
Laura and Gary Lauder
Lisa Layfer
Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy
Jay Leavitt
Jean and Henry Lee
Susi Lee
Georgina and Alan Levey
Jill and John Levi
Nancy and David Levin
Lynne and Dan Levinson
Melony and Adam Lewis
Jonathan Lewis
Toby Devan Lewis
Natasha and Mark Leydecker
Suzanne Leydecker
Dianne and Jim Light
Terri and Barry Lind
Sonja and Whitney Linman
Barbara and David Lipman
The Little Nell
Susan and Fred Lodge
Lindsay and Richard Lofaro
Laurie Rosedale Loper
Karen and Courtney Lord
Soledad and Malcolm Lowe
Randi Lowenthal
Janet and James Luke
Holly and John Madigan
Cornelia Madsen
Nancy and Robert Magoon
Marlene and Fred Malek
Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus
Christie and Christopher Manning
Wendy Boland
Steve Marcus
Marilyn Marks
Julia Marshall / Mt. Daly Enterprises
Susan and Larry Marx
Jake Mascotte
Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation
William Mayer
Tita and Dan McCarty
Thomas McGuire
Amber and Phillip McKeague
Barbara and Pat McMahon
Anne Welsh McNulty
Carolyn Meadowcroft
Sandra Menter-Berry and Paul Menter
Meridian Jewelers
Merrill Lynch Community Charitable Fund Program
Jackie Merrill and Jay Hughes
Lisa and Willem Mesdag
Eleanor and Lowell Meyer
Laurie Michaels
Mile High United Way
Ann Miller
Scott Miller
Martha Cochran and Steve Mills
Dick Moebius
Beth and Josh Mondry
Debbie and Bill Montgomery
Patricia C. Moore Advised Fund
Lori and David Moore
Wendy and Peter Moore
Susanne and Richard Morrison
Susan and Robert Morrison
Lesley and Bob Morse
Susan and Marvin Moses
Jean-Philippe Malaty and Tom Mossbrucker
Mountain Roll-Offs
Mary and Roger Moyer
Lee Mulcahy
Rebecca and Michael Murray
Jayne and Mark Murrel
Marcie and Robert Musser
Linda and Gary Nathanson
Esther and Craig Navias
Nancy and Mark Neuman
Dianne and Herb Newman
Ann and Ken Newman
Virginia and Rick Newton
Jeannette Nichols
Jane and Clarke Nims
Stuart Nolan
Bette Oakes
Helen and Wally Obermeyer
Jane and Dan Och
William O'Donnell
Blanca and Cavanaugh O'Leary
Katherine and Norman Olson
Marie O'Neill
Nedra and Mark Oren
Laurene and Thomas Owen
Ruth Owens
Lynda Palevsky
Jean and Allen Parelman
Jean and William A. Parker
Bruce Parlette
Fonda and Charles Paterson
Andrea Wendel and Kevin Patrick
Linda Pawlak
Julie and Thomas Paxton
Marybelle and Tom Payne
Esther Pearlstone
Susan Welsch and Everett Peirce
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Carol Hood-Peterson and Brooke Peterson
Pat and Edwin Peterson
Hensley and James Peterson
Susan Taylor and Robert Pew
Betty Pfister
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Amy and John Phelan
Ali and David Phillips
Ina and Murray Pitt
Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst
Carrie Podl
Anne and Arnold Porath
Nancy Schapiro and Jerry Portnoy
Jody and David Post
Sally and Dale Potvin
Tere and Paul Price
Margot and Tom Pritzker
Bob Purvis
Kelli and Allen Questrom
Christine Nolen and John Quigley
Kathryn and Richard Rabinow
Janet and Joseph Raczak
Gaby and Bob Rafelson
Robyn and Dale Rands
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Elizabeth Ratcliff
Linda and Michael Redmond
Ruth and Robert Reingold
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Deb Rice
Rachel Richards
Joanne and James Richardson
Valerie Richter
Judy and Jim Rifkin
Lee and Steve Rittvo
Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership
Roaring Fork Market Place
Judy and Emerson Robinson
Toni Rembe Rock and Arthur Rock
Nicholas Rockerfeller
Katherine LeMieux-Rodman and William Rodman
Mary Ellen and Peter Rogers
Maureen and Charles Rolles
Ellen and Eugene Rontal
Maxine and Allan Rose
Barbara and Don Rosenberg
Elaine and Marvin Rosenberg
Neil Ross
Aaron Roth
Philip Rothblum
Cynthia Roush
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
David Rubin
Nancy and Miles Rubin
Jo Anne and Richard Rubinoff
Paul Rudnick
Patti and Greg Rulon
Lynn Russell
Nancy Reinisch and Paul Salmen
Lois and Thomas Sando
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Edward Sands
Clare and Marius Sanger
Shereen and Jordan Sarick
Sashae Floral Arts and Gifts
Nina and Joshua Saslove
Dagmar Bausova and Vince Savage
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
The Scharlin Family Foundation
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Kimbo Brown-Schirato and Jason Schirato
Judith Schramm
Honorable Gail Schwartz and Alan Schwartz
Barbara and Robert Scinto
Amy and Sean Sebastian
Carole and Gordon Segal
Dennis Seider
Judith and Steve Sewell
Cindy Shaffran
Rebecca Ruland and Terrence Shanahan
Nancy and Barry Shapiro
Deborah Newman Sharpe and Robert Sharpe
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Shaw
Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
Teena and George Shaw
Shenandoah Foundation
Betty Ann Shenk
Joyce and Charles Shenk
Mary Ellen Sheridan
Rachel and Anthony Sherman
Juliet Shield-Taylor
Douglas Shooker
Ruth Lande Shuman
Lois Siegel
Bui and Herbert Simon
Joan and Virgil Simon
Mish Tworkowski and Joseph Singer
Cynthia and Robert Singer
Karen and Philip Sirianni
Diana and Mike Sirko
Ana Landa and Albert Slap
Florence and Harry Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small
Kimber Soich
Mary and David Solomon
Rita and Melvin Spira
Silbi and Timothy Stainton
Paula and Robert Starodoj
John Staton
Sandra and Stephen Stay
Gillian and Robert Steel
Nancy and Bruce Stevens
Valery Stevenson
Billy Stolz
Patti and George Stranahan
Curt Strand
Kit Strang
George Strawbridge
Edward Sullivan
Ellen and Stephen Susman
Anne and Warren Swanson
Pat and William Terman
Mimi Teschner
Patricia Tisch
Anne and Bill Tobey
Nancy Torinus
Ethel and Leslie Towne
Joan and Lyle Troth
Barbara Trueman
Victoria Valar
Valentino USA
Valley View Hospital SANE Program
Nadine Asin and Thomas van Straaten
Marja and Gerry VanderBeek
Linda and Dennis Vaughn
Vulcan Materials Company
Patricia and James Waddick
Vivian and Tom Waldeck
Nancy and Charles Wall
Aija and William Wallace
Carol and John Walter
Ralph Wanger
Donna and Thomas Ward
Adelaide and Michael Waters
Terrie and Perry Waughtal
Patti and Jerome Webster
Tina and Brian Weiner
Danielle and Michael Weiner
Mary Norma Weinkle
J. Fred Weintz
Lynda and Doug Weiser
Betty Weiss
Ashley Weissman
Frankie and Skip Welfeld
Wells Fargo Bank
Carrie and Joe Wells
John Werning
Abigail and Leslie Wexner
Eve and Mark Whiston
Lara and Marc Whitley
Debbie and Mike Wilde
Audrey and Zygmunt Wilf
William H. Baker Construction
Amanda Winchell
Elle and Philip Winn
Ellen and Jeffrey Winter
Aldona Wisniewski
Joyce Woltman
Tamara and Frank Woods
Nancy Lazar and George Zachar
Alison and Boniface Zaino
Sharon Ziegler
Mary and David Zinman
Lili Ann and Richard Zisook
Sonja and Mortimer Zuckerman
Adam Zuehlke