2019 Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the donors who passionately support our efforts.  Together we're making a significant difference in the quality of life in our region.  
Anonymous (3)
Oded Aboodi
BJ Adams
Tracy and Dennis Albers
Pam Alexander
Michelle Allmon
Alpine Bank - Aspen
Alpine Bank - Basalt
Judi and Dr. Alan Altman
Bryan Alvarez-Terrazas
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Furniture Warehouse
ANB Bank - Glenwood Springs
ANB Bank - Rifle
Margie and Pete Ankeny
Jill and Paul Aschkenasy
Aspen Community Foundation
Aspen Elks Lodge #224
The Aspen Institute
Aspen Meadows Resort
The Aspen Rotary Club
Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's Int'l Realty
Aspen Strong
Aspen Thrift Shop
Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation
Aspen WaterWise
Becky Ayres
Charles Balbach
Bank of Colorado - Glenwood Springs
Cara and Robert Barnes
Sasha and Edward Bass
Carol Batchelder
Cornelia and Nathaniel Bates
Vicki Bauer
Susan Beckerman
Michael Behrendt
Bonnie Bellafiore
Vivian and Norman Belmonte
Janie and John Bennett
Tracy and John Bennett
Barbara and Bruce Berger
Cori and Seth Berger
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos
Julie Olson and Michael Blair
Nancy Blank
Rebecca Donelson and Robert Blattberg
Candace Goodwin and Rick Blauvelt
Connie and David Blue
Barbara Bluhm-Kaul Foundation
Senator Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum
Marianne and Culman Boesky
Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman
Kitty Boone
Annatje and Ted Borchelt
Lotta and Stuart Brafman
Todd Braufman
Tamara Tormohlen and Marc Breslin
Killeen Brettmann
Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker
Brunello Cucinelli
Marion and Charles Burson
Paul D. Bushong, Jr.
Anne Byard
Calaway ╖ Young Cancer Center
Connie Calaway
Margo Calvetti
Valerie and John Carlin
Judy Carson
Karen Case
Laurel and John Catto
CCY Architects
CFP Foundation
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin
City Market Community Rewards
Janet Clark
Climate Control Company
Clough Family Foundation
Gwen Cohen
Rita and Joel Cohen
LuLu Colby
Robin and Alan Cole
Maureen and Louis Cole
Colorado Mesa University
Colorado Northwestern Community College
Columbine Ford Rifle
Annie Cooke
Bunni and Paul Copaken
David Corbin
Ellyn Craven
Barbara and Herschel Cravitz
Candace Cross
Cuc Construction
Allison and Art Daily
Helen Buchanan Davis
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton
Sharon Andersen and Alex De La Garza
Susan de Saint Phalle
Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
Marjorie DeLuca
Destination Residences Snowmass
Nick Lincoln and Tony DiLucia
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Sheila Draper
Susan and Drew Drazin
Susan and James Dubin
Eagle County Board of Commissioners
Joyce and Paul Eckel
Sandy and Paul Edgerley
Gail and Monte Edlund
Nina and David Eisenstat
El Pomar Foundation
Embrey Family Foundation
Gail and Alfred Engelberg
Bruce Etkin
Suzanne Farver
FCI Constructors
Susan and George Fesus
Jaimie and David Field
Marilyn and Larry Fields
Elizabeth and Dean Filiss
James Finch
Nanette Finger
Lari Goode and Mark Fischer
Sistie Fischer
Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson
Barbara and Aaron Fleck
Gina Berko and David Fleisher
Ron Schiller and Alan Fletcher
Molly Irwin and Joshua Fogg
Jeffrey Grinspoon and Jon Foley
James Fondell
Julie and Jon Fox-Rubin
Erin and Jonathan Frankel
Julie and Martin Franklin
Anna and Matt Freedman
Barbara Fretz
Marilyn and Chuck Frias
Karen and Marc Friedberg
Barbara and Karl Friedman
Ricki and Peter Fuchs
Jessica and John Fullerton
Nancy Furlotti
Barbara and Richard Furman
Gallegos Corporation
Garfield and Hecht, P.C.
Garfield County Board of County Commissioners
Garfield County School District No. 16
Lily and Ronald Garfield
Sara Garton
Lori and Bruce Gendelman
Linda and Robert Gersh
Elaine and Gordon Gerson
Virginia and Gary Gerst
GF Woods Construction
Stephanie and Matt Gianneschi
Gitlitz Family Foundation
Patsy Malone and William Glenn
Glenwood Springs Sunset Rotary
DeeDee and Herb Glimcher
Barbara Gold
Harriett Gold
Ramona Bruland and Michael Goldberg
Joanna Golden
Annabel and Philip Golden
Thorey and Barry Goldstein
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone
Lisie and Michael Gottdenker
Mr. and Mrs. David Gottlieb
Gould Construction
Grand River Health
Patricia Gray
Arthur Greenberg
Jan and Ronald Greenberg
Jane and Allen Grossman
Flossie and Evan Gull
Sarah and Joshua Gurwitz
Lisa and Bill Guth
Kristoffer Hammarstrom
Sally and Steven Hansen
Nicki and J. Ira Harris
Evelyn and James Harter
Haselden Construction
Hetta and Jesse Heath
Diane Hedgecock
Casady Henry
Kristen Henry
Julia Herman
Ann Hodges
Judith Steinberg and Paul Hoenmans
Judith R. Hoffberger Advised Fund at ACF
Stanley Hoffberger
Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz
Annie and Jerry Hosier
Hilde Hottendorf
Michelle Hubbard
Jeanie Humble
Soledad and Robert Hurst
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Barbara and J.R. Hyde
J.P. Morgan Chase
Rusty and John Jaggers
Patty and Richard Jaquith
Hope Jelinek
Gretchen and Rick Jelinek
Cara Jones
Lisa Kane Jung and Dennis Jung
Bill Kaelin
Sandy and George Kahle
Sandra and Jeffrey Kallenberg
Donna Barranco Fisher and Robert Kammer
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Ann and Joe Kasparek
Jill and Curtis Kaufman
Harriet Washton and George Kaye *
Kristin Kenny
Susan Kern
Kessler Charitable Remainder Trust
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Cil Klamper
Rachel and Richard Klausner
Kathy and Warren Klug
Thomas J. Klutznick *
Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
Ann and Tom Korologos
Karen Gray-Krehbiel and John Krehbiel
Jeff Kremer
Stanley Kritzik
Julie and John Krousouloudis
Cari Kuhlman
Susan Crown and Will Kunkler
Landscape Workshop
Laura and Gary Lauder
Judy and Leonard Lauder
Erika and Rob Leavitt
Jill and John Levi
Kimberly Levin
Melony and Adam Lewis
Mark Zitelli and Jonathan Lewis
Jody Guralnick and Michael Lipkin
Barbara and David Lipman
Gail and Robert Loewenstein
Lynne Mace
Nancy Magoon
Maison Ullens
Marlene and Frederic Malek
Randy Marcus
Carolyn and Steve Maresco
Julia Marshall
James Martin
Mascotte Family
Liza and Jon Mauck
Nancy Mayer
Tita and Dan McCarty
Barbara and Pat McMahon
Eleanor and Robert Meyers
Carol Murphy and Michael Miller
Mimi Fund
Glen Mintz
Nancy and Steven Mitchell
Dick Moebius
Denise Monteleone
Maria Morrow
Susan and Marvin Moses
Ann Cook and Charley Moss
Becky and Mike Murray
Marcie and Robert Musser
Natural Soda
Esther and Craig Navias
David Newberger
Ann and Ken Newman
Noble Lane Foundation
Janet and Thomas O'Connor
Martha and Thomas O'Keefe
Frances Ginsburg and Robert Olson
Nedra and Mark Oren
Laurie Crown and Rick Ortega
Casey Overby
Ruth Owens
Jessica and Matt Owings
Patricia Papper
Paragon Systems Integration
Jean and Allen Parelman
Erin and Paul Pariser
Bruce Parlette
Carol Pasternak
Melinda and Norman Payson
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Hensley and James Peterson
Kim and Robert Petrie
Susan Taylor and Robert Pew
Doren Madey Pinnell
Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst
Anne and Arnold Porath
Robert Posner
Poss Architecture + Planning
Terri and Sam Potter
Preceptor Beta Kappa
Eric Purther
Robert Purvis
Kelli and Allen Questrom
R&A Enterprises
Kathryn and Richard Rabinow
Gabrielle Rafelson
Joyce and Senator Bob Rankin
Emily and Ken Ransford
Sara Ransford
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Barbara Reese
Kendall Reiley
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Katherine Rich
Rifle Community Foundation
Rifle Economic Development Corp.
Roaring Fork Sotheby's Int'l Realty
Mary Ellen and Peter Rogers
Noelle Rohde
Eden and Steven Romick
Debbi Fields Rose
Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
Marvin Rosenberg/EZR Spirit of Giving
Neil Ross
Donna and Gino Rossetti
Jim Rothschild
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
Paul Rudnick
Cheryl and Haim Saban
Ali and Lew Sanders
Ricky Sandler
Lois and Tom Sando
Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford
Sashae Floral Arts and Gifts
Susan and Charles Sawyers
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
Suzanne Scheer
Ellen Freedman and Auden Schendler
Judith Scherer and Scott Scherer
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Michelle and Kirk Schindler
Kimbo Brown-Schirato and Jason Schirato
June and Paul Schorr
Judith Schramm
Lori and Zach Schreiber
Honorable Gail Schwartz and Alan Schwartz
Amy and Sean Sebastian
Judith and Steve Sewell
Deborah Newman Sharpe and Robert Sharpe
Shaw Construction
Teena and George Shaw
Sarah and Richard Shaw
Kaitlin Shedd
Valerie Shedd
Liz and Aaron Sherbin
Elizabeth and Alan Shulman
Lois Siegel
Madeline and Michael Silverman
Shirley and Albert Small
Lindsay and Ford Smith
Snowmass Village Rotary
Judith and Robert Snyder
Paula and Robert Starodoj
Sue and John Staton
Sandy and Stephen Stay
Diane and Rick Stevens
Bill Stirling
Gayle Stoffel
Billy Stolz
Curt Strand
Andrea and Lubert Stryer
Anne and Warren Swanson
Swedish Painting Company
Kayla Tall
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Pat and William Terman
Top Notch Logworks
Nancy Torinus
Town of New Castle
Town of Snowmass Village
Carol and Mack Trapp
Barbara Trueman
Umbrella Roofing
United Companies
Sheri and Morgan Vail
Valley View Hospital
Nadine Asin and Thomas van Straaten
Paulina Vander Noordaa
Vectra Bank Colorado Foundation
Sherry and Edward Wachs
Gina and Peter Waller
Michael Waters
Patti and Jay Webster
Tina and Brian Weiner
Danielle and Michael Weiner
Wells Fargo Community Relations
Carrie and Joseph Wells
John Werning
Edith Kallas-Whatley and Joe Whatley
Shirley and Eric Williams
Joyce Woltman
Tamara and Frank Woods
William Wrigley, Jr.
Judy Wyman
Elisha and Jeffrey Zander
Natasha and Dirk Ziff