2018 Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the donors who passionately support our efforts.  Together we're making a significant difference in the quality of life in our region.  


Bruce Etkin
Melony and Adam Lewis
Susan and Larry Marx
Susan Taylor and Robert Pew
Mary and Patrick Scanlan

$100,000 - $499,999

Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club
Eagle County Dept. of Human Services
Laura and Michael Kaplan

Phyllis Hojel and John Mascotte
Laurie and John McBride
Marcie and Robert Musser
Lexie and Robert Potamkin

$50,000 - $99,999

Sasha and Edward Bass
Colorado Department of Higher Education
Gayle Embrey
Julie Goldstein
Soledad and Robert Hurst
Barbara and J.R. Hyde
Mark Zitellli and Jonathan Lewis

Mimi Fund
Pamela Paresky
Barbara Reese
Anne and William Tobey
Carrie and Joseph Wells
Geny Sanchez and Robert Young

$25,000 - $49,999

Pam Alexander
Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos
Senator Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum
Paul D. Bushong, Jr.
Carbondale Clay Center
CFP Foundation
Frank Cohen
Ann and John Doerr
Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist
Barbara Gold
Susan Jackson
Stephen Kinney

Frances Ginsburg and Robert Olson
Laurie Crown and Rick Ortega
Esther Pearlstone
Margot and Tom Pritzker
Ricky Sandler
Angie and Gary Stewart
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
Barbara Trueman
William Wrigley, Jr.
Xcel Energy Foundation
Natasha and Dirk Ziff

$10,000 - $24,999

Oded Aboodi
Aspen Institute
Aspen Skiing Company Employees
Katherin and David Chase
Chevron North America
Coldwell Banker Mason Morse
Columbine Ford Rifle
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Delta Dental of Colorado
Lori Dresner
Olivia and Jackson Emmer
Suzanne Farver
Jessica and John Fullerton
Thorey and Barry Goldstein
Andrea and Jim Gordon
Gurrentz Family

Judy and Leonard Lauder
Laura and Gary Lauder
Tita and Dan McCarty
Becky and Mike Murray
Natural Soda
Esther and Craig Navias
Ruth Owens
Carol Hood Peterson and Brooke Peterson
Pitkin County Public Health
Pluss Family Foundation
Joyce and Senator Robert Rankin
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Lynn and Gordon Westhoff
Kara and Quent Williams
Tamara and Frank Woods
Elisha and Jeffrey Zander

$5,000 - $9,999

Alpine Bank - Aspen
Joan and Lawrence Altman
Karen and Harry Andrews
Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation
Calaway - Young Cancer Center
City Market Community Rewards
Clough Family Foundation
The Crown Family
Tori Adams and James DuBose
Gail and Alfred Engelberg
Jaimie and David Field
Gallegos Corporation
Garfield County Board of County Commissioners
Grand River Construction
Grand River Health
Pamela and Thomas Gurrentz
Lynn and Patrick Gurrentz
Joan and Rodger Gurrentz
Sally and Steven Hansen
Judith Steinberg and Paul Hoenmans
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz

Annie and Jerry Hosier
Ellen Hunt
Robert Kammer
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Karen Kribs
Kum & Go Convenience Stores
Barbara and David Lipman
Tracey and Ned Lucks
Nancy Magoon
Oak Lodge Foundation
Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst
Rifle Community Foundation
Jeannie and John Seybold
Shenandoah Foundation
Social Bridge
Theatre Aspen
Town of Basalt
Umbrella Roofing
Susan Fleet Welsch
Western Slope Materials/Casey Concrete
Whole Foods Market Roaring Fork

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Abbott Family Foundation
Tracy and Dennis Albers
Alpine Bank - Glenwood Springs
Judi and Dr. Alan Altman
ANB Bank
Margie and Pete Ankeny
Aspen Meadows Resort
Aspen Professional Ski Patrol Association
Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's
Aspen Square Condominium Hotel
Aspen Valley Hospital
Carol and Robert Auld
Becky Ayres
Charles Balbach
Cara and Robert Barnes
Caryn and Michael Bedzow
Michael Behrendt
Amy Margerum Berg and Gilchrist Berg
Barbara and Bruce Berger
Bethel Party Rentals
Nancy Blank
Marianne and Culman Boesky
Caroline Cochener and James Bonesteel
Tamara Tormohlen and Marc Breslin
Karen Brooks
Susan and Robert Brown
Valerie Bruington
Marion and Charles Burson
Carl's Pharmacy
Judy Carson
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin
LuLu Colby
Annie Cooke
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Cos Bar
David Johnston Architects
Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
Debardeleben Foundation
Destination Residences Snowmass
Tony DiLucia
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Patrick Dunigan
Kay and Tom Dunton
Joyce and Paul Eckel
Marcy and Leo Edelstein
Sandy and Paul Edgerley
Eshelman Construction
Explore Booksellers
Sistie Fischer
Gina Berko and David Fleisher
Jeffrey Grinspoon and Jon Foley
Janet Roberts and Larry Fredrick
Marilyn and Chuck Frias
Chuck Frias and Tim Clark, Frias Properties of Aspen
Karen and Marc Friedberg
Karl Friedman Family Foundation
Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter
Michelle and Michael Fries
Margo Calvetti Frost
Barbara and Richard Furman
Lacy and Ernie Fyrwald
The Gant
Lily and Ronald Garfield
Dale and Leonard Genet
Linda and Robert Gersh
Stephanie and Matt Gianneschi
Marguerite and William Graham
Richard Greenberg
Arthur Greenberg
Brenda and Jim Grusecki
Sandra and Allen Henry
Pati Hensley
Bobbie and Tat Hillman
Stanley Hoffberger
Sharon and John Hoffman
Karen and Bayard Hollins
Holly Hunt
Lynni Hutton
Patty and Richard Jaquith
Debbie and Richard Jelinek
John Jordan
Bill Kaelin
Sandy and George Kahle

Jane and Gerald Katcher
Rachel and Richard Klausner
Jo Ann and Bernard Kruger
Sheila and Michael Kurzman
Tracy and Glen Larner
Lipkin Warner Design and Planning
Jody Guralnick and Michael Lipkin
Martha Luttrell
Maison Ullens
Marlene and Frederic Malek
James Martin
Meredith McKee
Barbara and Pat McMahon
The Mesdag Family Foundation
Eleanor and Robert Meyers
Laurie Michaels
Ann Miller
Denise Monteleone
Maria Morrow
Susan and Marvin Moses
Ann Cook and Charles Moss
Mountain Temp Services
Janet and Thomas O'Connor
David Olsen
Nedra and Mark Oren
Patricia Papper
Paradise Bakery & Cafe
Erin and Paul Pariser
Hensley and James Peterson
Amy and John Phelan
Kelli and Allen Questrom
R & A Enterprises
RA Nelson
Kathryn and Richard Rabinow
Sara Ransford
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Lauren and Chris Renaud
Judy and Jim Rifkin
Rifle Rotary Club
Rana Dershowitz and Brian Rose
Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
EZR Spirit of Giving and Marvin Rosenberg
Alexandra Munroe and Robert Rosenkranz
Jim Rothschild
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
Nancy and Miles Rubin
Rudd Construction
Paul Rudnick
Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford
Lois and Tom Sando
Sashae Floral Arts and Gifts
Savage Excavation
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Schlumberger Scherer Construction Company
June and Paul Schorr
Cecily Cameron and Derek Schrier
Maren and Donald Schuster
Carole and Gordon Segal
SGM Colorado
Deborah Newman Sharpe and Robert Sharpe
Sherry Lansing Foundation
Lois Siegel
Silich Construction
Jill St. John
Gillian and Robert Steel
Billy Stolz
Curt Strand
Kathleen Strang
Structural Associates
Andrea and Lubert Stryer
Timberline Bank
Town of New Castle
Diane and Tom Tuft
Anne and Mark Uhlfelder
US Bank
Danielle and Michael Weiner
Weston Wellington
Wells Fargo Community Relatons
Edith and Joe Whatley
Eve and Mark Whiston
William H. Baker Construction
Judy Wyman

$500 - $999

Anonymous (2)
Jill and Paul Aschkenasy
Aspen Reprographic
Aspen Valley Marathon
Erin Becker
Peggy Scharlin and Shlomo Ben-Hamoo
Katie Bergman
Louisa Berky
Joanne Bertrand
BF Foundation
Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker
Aviva and Martin Budd
Cache Cache
Patricia and Emil Cima
Cooper Wine and Spirits
Barbara and Herschel Cravitz
Nathalie Crick
Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton
DG Construction
Alexis and Dusty Diaz
Terry Rogers and Greg Didier
Laura Donnelley
Sheila Draper
Diana Eadington-Reed
Escobar Aspen
Robin and Harvey Fahy
Mary Conover and Kenyon Fields
Marilyn and Larry Fields
Nanette Finger
Julia and Mike Fink
Ron Schiller and Alan Fletcher
Forum Phi Architects
Erin and Jonathan Frankel
Barbara Fretz
Harriett and Richard Gold
Ramona Bruland and Michael Goldberg
Annabel and Philip Golden
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone
Saundra and Darryl Grosjean
Sarah and Josh Gurwitz
Jennifer and Matt Hamilton
Harriman Construction
Harry Teague Architects
Jack O'Kelley and John Haskins
HayMax Hotels

Hetta and Jesse Heath
Kristen Henry
Karen and Jeff Hughes
Jeanie Humble
Jimmy's Restaurant
Harriet Washton and George Kaye
Katie Kitchen and Paul Kovach
Stanley Kritzik
Land + Shelter
Alison Levin
Alison and Alan Levine
Dianne and Jim Light
Nicola and Jeffrey Marcus
Ann Mason and Jeff Heidemann
Midland Shoe
Mile High United Way
Carol Murphy and Michael Miller
Mountain Management of Aspen
Laurie and Jim Noyes
Aimee Oates
Beverle and Marc Ostrofsky
Outwest Drywall Supply
Lynda Palevsky
Melinda and Norman Payson
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Nancy Peterson
Kathleen DeGuzman and Aiden Pope
Terri and Sam Potter
Robert Purvis
Emily and Ken Ransford
Katie and Amnon Rodan
Richard Roedel
Barbara and Don Rosenberg
Honorable Gail Schwartz and Alan Schwartz
Amy and Sean Sebastian
Clare Evert-Shane and Steven Shane
Linda and James Snyder
Jennifer and David Stockman
Stutsman-Gerbaz Earthmoving
Patti and Jay Webster
Joyce Woltman
Sharon and Michael Young
Rachel and Paul Zimmerman

$250 - $499

Ashley Bass and Jason Attas
Jenna and Peter Barclay
Janie and John Bennett
Cori and Seth Berger
Cathy and Marc Bern
Carla and Stephen Berry
Robert Blattberg
Candace Goodwin and Rick Blauvelt
Norman Brenteson
Catamount Constructors
CCY Architects
Eva-Marie and Gen. C. Howard Chandler, USAF (RET)
Connected Concierge
David Corbin
Cottonwood Springs Mobile Home Park
Judy and Archibald Cox
Kristine Crandall
Sharon Andersen and Alex De La Garza
Steven Deliyianis
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Greg DeRosa
Dos Gringos Burritos
Susan and Drew Drazin
Susan and James Dubin
Melissa Eisenstat
Embrey Family Foundation
Cinda and Donnelley Erdman
Sue and Stefan Evanoff
Bill Fabrocini
Debbi and Steve Falender
Susan and George Fesus
Lari Goode and Mark Fischer
Mark Fitzgerald
Jack Friedman
Dorothy Frommer
Dianne Giancarlo
Patience and Bob Griffiths
Stacie Ramsey and Wayne Henderson
Casady Henry
Hilde Hottendorf
J. McLaughlin
Rusty and John Jaggers
Jay's Valet

Kathleen and Warren Jones
Sherryl and Michael Kaufman
Ann and Tom Korologos
KORU Limited
Laurie and Jim Laing
Claire Leon
Susan and Fred Lodge
Stephanie and Peter Luttrell
Marble Community Church
Brandy and Richard McAniff
Mike Almas' Northern Rockies IMT
Anne Mosle
Eric Norton
Kate O'Hagan
Jean and Allen Parelman
Dan Popish
Rifle Insurance Agency/Jack Sours
Katherine Faber and Thomas Rosenbaum
Neil Ross
Patti and Greg Rulon
Sam Sawyer
Gloria Scharlin
Kimbo Brown-Schirato and Jason Schirato
Judith Schramm
Teena and George Shaw
Dawn Shepard
Paula and Robert Starodoj
Sue and John Staton
Sandra and Stephen Stay
Valery Stevenson
Lou and Raymond Stover
Dan Strodel
Libby Sullivan
Nancy Torinus
Town of Silt
Caroline and Stephan von Ledebur
Patricia and James Waddick
Matt Webster
John Werning
Wendalin Whitman
Katherine Williams
Jean and Brad Wyatt

$100 - $249

Michelle Allmon
Natalie Amoroso
Julie Anthony
Julia and Harrison Augur
Mariana and Alinio Azevedo
Bridget and Rick Balentine
Carmen Barber
Carol Batchelder
Cornelia and Nathaniel Bates
Vicki Bauer
Holly and Bruce Benson
Julie Olson and Michael Blair
Allison and Randall Bone
Zach Bowersock
Betsy Bowie
Mary Boyd
Lotta and Stuart Brafman
Daniel Brener
Gretchen Brogdon
Matthew Brown
Mayo Brown
Kristi Brusletto
Linda Burgess
Bobbie and Rich Burkley
James Butchart
Richard Butera
Dustin Butler
Oni Butterfly
Lindsay and Shaun Cagley
Valerie and John Carlin
Helen and Roger Carlsen
Jennifer Carlson
Harriet and Clay Carpenter
Bobby Carrillo
Richard Carter
Emily Chaplin
Nathan Child
Alison Church
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Maureen and Louis Cole
Sally Cole
Deborah and Robert Copito
Gretchen Cole and Craig Corona
Ellyn Craven
Susan Cross
Nancy Culkin
Helen Buchanan Davis
Stefanie Davis
Jason DeCarlo
Suzanne and Dario Del Piccolo
Jean Dodd
Angele Dupre
Brenda Edmonds
Audrey and Christopher Ellis
Chrissy Leonard and Scott Ely
Jennifer Evans
Ingegard Fehr
Jordan Fields
Elizabeth and Dean Filiss
Sara Finkle
Molly Irwin and Joshua Fogg
James Fondell
Tim Forrest
Gareth Williams Properties
Lori and Larry Garon
Patsy Malone and Darby Glenn
DeeDee and Herb Glimcher
Kathy and Tom Goldberg
Gillian Goodman
Nell Graham
Jordan and Patrick Gray-DeKraai
Gloria and Patrick Greene
Misty and Peter Groves-Benedict
Flossie and Evan Gull
Samantha Haberman
Beth and Kevin Hagerty
Steven Hall
Matt Harder
David Hathway
Judith Hayward
Jody and Andrew Hecht
Diane Hedgecock
Elizabeth Heller
Katriona Hembury
Andrew Henrichs
Heather and Mike Henry
Julia Herman
Ann Hodges
Connie and Tom Hodson
Gail and Phil Holstein
Sue Hostetler and Spencer Diamond
Christie Interlante
Jeremy James
Karen Johnsen
Vickie and David Johnson
Karen and Michael Kesner

Julie and Christian Knapp
Julie and John Krousouloudis
Denise and Michael Latousek
Leaf People Skin Care
Marianne and William Lederer
Becky LeDuc-Gray
Nicole Levesque
Jill and John Levi
Reed Lewis
Gail and Warren Lieberfarb
Martha Lombardi
Anne Lorenson
Karen and Rob Lowenstein
Katie and Ryan Mackley
Jan and Art Martin
Paula Stepp and Frank Martin
Eileen Caryl and Andrew McGregor
Cindy and Michael McIntosh
Patricia and Corey McLernon
Mandie and Scott Mercier
Suzanne Merrill
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
Barbara Fosco and David Missner
Dick Moebius
Elizabeth and Donne Moen
Beth and Josh Mondry
Ron Morehead
Melissa Stewart and Matt Moritz
Keira Morrisette
Tom Mossbrucker and JP Malaty
Trevor Mountjoy
Lucinda and Gary Nichols
Jessica and Matt Owings
Jessica Palffy
Bruce Parlette
Carol Pasternak
Samantha Cordts-Pearce and Craig Pearce
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Mike Pelletier
Jiyeong Pine
Jayne and Bill Poss
Christine Nolen and John Quigley
Janet and Joseph Raczak
Gaby and Bob Rafelson
Henning Rahm
Michelle Rexach
Jodi Richard
Anna and John Rigney
Adrian Rippy-Sheehy
Lee and Steve Rittvo
Trisha and Steve Roberts
Mary Ellen and Peter Rogers
Scott Rosenberg
Bohumila and Peter Rossi
Davon Russell
Sarah Sachs
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Edward Sands
Julie and Brent Schenk
Cindy Shaffran and Gary Schwartz
Barbara and Robert Scinto
David Scott
Judith and Steve Sewell
Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
Dave Sheridan
Julie Shifman
Susan Werth and Bernie Silver
Nancy and Mark Silverman
Sylvia and Michael Skeps
Richard Slater
Judi and Dan Smith
Ann Smulka
Babette Sobel Family Trust
Xiao Lan Zhang and Christopher Sommer
Marina Beadleston and Daniel Stanberry
Paige Price and Nevin Steinberg
Becky and Ron Stern
Jill and Richard Stettner
Bill Stirling
Pat and William Terman
Sam Thomas
Patsy Tisch
Deborah Tullman
Gina and Andrew Turchin
United Site Services - Rifle Employees
Jamie Van Leeuwen
Gregory Van Wagner
Linda Watchmaker
Wing Watson
Tina and Brian Weiner
Sallyann Wekstein
Rosie Wettstein
Donna and Roy Wiedinmyer
Elizabeth Winn
Will Young

$1 - $99

Lise Adams
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Furniture Warehouse
Mary Anderson
Rachel Levy and Mack Bailey
Robert Bayless
Amiee and Brian Beazley
Susan Beckerman
Miranda Bertholet
Antonella Bonfiglio-Oliver
Deborah Bradford
Mary Manning and Dan Bunta
Tucker Burton
Theodore Busch
Shannon Campbell
Sylvia Castorena
Choice Liquors
Aldana Chumura
Kristi and Chris Clark
Gwen Cohen
Mary Catherine Conger
Sue Coyle
Candace Cross
Emily David
Michael Davidoff
Kristi De Villiers
Nicole DeWitt
Kathryn Eastley
Kathryn Edgecombe
Elmer Glass of Rifle
Clay Engels
Mary Kate Farrell
Mark Feinsinger
Flatops Electric Inc.
Susan Foster
Francine Frankel
Sara Garton
Victor Gerdin
Angelique Gifford
Sarah Graham
Peter Grannis
Natalie Haim
Susan Harig
Evelyn and James Harter
Sandy Hoelsken
Samantha Hoffman
Logan and Justin Hood
Sonia ImMasche
Rachel Jacobsen
Jackie Kasabach
Casey Keiderling
Jeff Kremer
Richard Krumwiede
Tracy Lamkin

Kimberly Lamson - Scribner
Jacqueline Larner
Paul LeClere, Jr.
Hortencia Mercado and Jose Ledezma
Milada and Chris Lee
Josefina Magana and Luis Magana Lemus
Karis Loos
Rachel Lucas
Elizabeth Malloy
David Marlow
Julia Marshall
Eileen Tucker and Bill McCann
Molly McGrath
Alexandra Mirante
Carolyn and Thomas Moore
Ellen Morrison
Lee Mulcahy
Evan O'Branovic
Nicole Olson
Laura Palmberg
Julie and Thomas Paxton
PCL Construction
Jon Pease
Ali and David Phillips
Gina Pogliano
Connie Power
Patrick Quinn
Zach Ragland
Rib City Grill
Viviane Alves Ribeiro
Rachel Richards
Peter Santini
Brigette Schabdach
Katelynn Schultz
Amanda Scott
Natasha Seedorf
Beth Semel
Lois Sheahen
Carrie Shelton
Mary Ellen Sheridan
Michelle Sherlock
Candace Sherman
Nicole Sisneros
Christopher Smith
Tina and Wade Smith
Sherry and David Spanyer
Jennifer Stanke
Alison Stewart
Adrienne Thomas
Michael Trehy
Sophia Usow
Gina and Peter Waller
Donna and Tom Ward
Kevin Yen