Ready for College and Career

By 2020, 75% of Colorado Jobs Will Require Some Form of Postsecondary Education.

The Cradle to Career goal for all our regional high school students is to persist in a postsecondary plan that leads to economic independence. This may include 2- or 4- year college, vocational or technical training, paid apprenticeships, and/or military experience.

A system of exposure and exploration is designed so that students work with counselors to develop postsecondary pathways.  ACF scholarship coordinator is creating a process to support and track students so that they persist and we understand the ROI for scholarships awarded.

ACF’s CCI partnerships with the school districts, businesses, nonprofits, governments and philanthropists have made it possible to make significant progress in 2017.
In 2015 The Post High School Success project was launched to strengthen the system of support for all high school students in the region. The first step was to fund additional college/career counselors to focus on postsecondary planning. The Counselor Network meets four times per year to share best practices and identify areas in which they can collaborate to meet the needs of all students.  In addition, PHSS supports a full time scholarship coordinator who works with funders, counselors, and students to help finance educational opportunities, support students in persisting, and tracking progress of the project. Counselors have joined the Business Roundtable to explore more effective avenues to engage students in real-world opportunities through internships, job shadow, and capstone projects.

The Post High School Success Project Milestones to Date:

1. Funding nine dedicated college/career counselors in each of the high schools in our four school districts – 2012-17

2. Internship programs:
       Community Connectors offers professional internships to high school students. Grand Valley High School, Parachute –  2016
       Engineering & Construction Company – YouthEntity and local construction companies offer internship  for Roaring Fork Valley students – 2017   
      Trek Pathways offers internship and work study programs for Coal Ridge High School students - New Castle and Silt –  2017
3. Innovative fundraising that includes collaboration with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, individual donors, and ACF’s Giving Network. This has led to a 500% increase in ACF scholarship   funding. – 2017

4. Significant scholarship dollars to support vocational/ technical training – 2016

5. Scholarship Coordinator who tracks and supports ACF scholarship recipients. - 2017

6. Summer Support Program for students who may not matriculate in postsecondary education/training in the fall. Two counselors advised 34 students; 88% matriculated in the fall. - 2017

7. Expanded GlenX CareerExpo to include western Garfield county - 2017

8. Launched Engineering and Construction Company - partnership with YouthEntity and local construction comapanies
Aspen Community Foundation awards scholarships to students throughout the Roaring Fork valley and in western Garfield County. Scholarships support college, technical training and certificate programs, covering a spectrum of aptitudes and interests of students.

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The Business Roundtable is an essential network that supports CCI's Post High School Success project through funding and participation in postsecondary planning through job shadows and internships