ACF’s 2022 scholarship applications now open.

Aspen Community Foundation’s 2022 post-secondary scholarships are now open, welcoming local, public high school students who meet the criteria to apply. Deadline to submit applications is February 22, 2022.

The scholarship funds support local students from diverse backgrounds with varying college and career paths, including first generation college attendees, low-income students, and those pursuing technical certification or apprenticeship training. Research has shown that scholarships reduce financial burdens, decrease future debt, and help students have more time to focus on their studies.

Each of the nine scholarships funds held at ACF have varying missions and criteria, leading to a diverse array of opportunities for students. A list of scholarship funds can be found at Questions about ACF’s scholarships can be directed to or call 970.925.9300.

Scholarships are funded by contributions from individuals and families, foundations, and businesses wishing to assist local, graduating high school seniors or returning college students with their goals of obtaining a postsecondary degree or certificate. Donors choose to establish scholarship funds for many reasons such as supporting college attainment, wanting to honor or memorialize a loved one, establishing legacy giving, or supporting an educational institution of their choice. Regardless of the reason, scholarship funds help students reach their education goals, working to ensure youth and family success.