ACF Grantmaking

55 Percent Donor Advised Funds
33 Percent Community Grantmaking, Scholarships and Field of Interest Funds
2 Percent Organization and Designated Funds

In 2016, Aspen Community Foundation (ACF) distributed $7.2 million in grants – 55% from Donor Advised Funds, 33% from our Community Fund, Scholarship Funds and Field of Interest Funds, and 2% from Organization and Designated Funds.

From grants to nonprofit organizations, dialogues with community stakeholders and initiatives that address the community’s most pressing issues, Aspen Community Foundation provides leadership, support and guidance.

Community grants through ACF’s competitive grantmaking process seek to strengthen the Aspen to Parachute community by expanding opportunities for individuals and families to live healthy and independent lives. 

General operating and programmatic grants are considered on an annual cycle — with the required Qualifying Application due in the spring.  Funding decisions are announced in the fall.

ACF’s grantmaking efforts also include technical assistance for nonprofits, college/postsecondary scholarships for students, and direct assistance through the Emergency Assistance, Mental Health, Quality of Life and Valley Autism Assistance Funds.


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