Our Community

Our Service Area: Aspen to Parachute

Aspen Community Foundation’s service area spans a corridor of ranch land and mountain slopes along the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers. Belying pictures of rural poverty, the region is home to picturesque mountain towns – marked by small business, public art and cattle drives that stop traffic. What you don’t see are the unattended children and youth congregating in trailer parks and rooms in dilapidated homes, discretely out of the way of tourists, waiting for parents who work double and triple shifts. Of these parents, 40% commute over an hour.

As the data below demonstrate, children living in this area have highly diverse backgrounds and experiences that lead some children on to post-secondary education and success and others to dropping out of school.

  • Poverty

    14 %

  • Free and Reduced Lunch

    43 %

  • Preschool Enrollment

    33 %

  • Not Ready for Kindergarten

    30 %

  • Not Proficient in Reading

    27 %

  • Not Proficient in Math

    53 %

  • Afterschool Program Access

    20 %

  • High School Graduation

    73 %

  • Low Income Student Graduation

    59 %

  • Dedicated College Counseling Access

    25 %

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