CCI Collaborative Projects

Cradle to Career Collaborative Projects

The following are projects that have been implemented, are in development, or are under consideration. Click the boxes to learn more.


Goal 1: Home Visits

Because 90% of brain development occurs before age five, early education sets young children up for success in kindergarten and later life.

Home Visits
Increase family visits to mothers with risk factors to help them understand the developmental and educational needs of their children. Research shows that such visits can substantially increase the odds that their children will later graduate from high school.

TS Gold
Adopting a common kindergarten readiness assessment tool across our region enables schools to strengthen teaching and implement targeted student interventions.

Jump Start
5-week, full-day summer program for incoming kindergarteners with no previous early learning opportunities. Build the social, emotional, executive, language and numeracy skills necessary for school success.

Childcare Coalitions
Encourage local childcare and early learning policy changes to increase access to quality early education for low-income children.

Preschool on Wheels
Licensed mobile classrooms for young children in Rifle, New Castle and Silt who would otherwise have no access to preschool.

Colorado Childcare Assistance Program
Work with community partners to influence policies that determine how funds are allocated for low-income families.

Goal 2: Develop Social & Life Assets

Developing strong life skills and character assets will help our region’s youth achieve academic and personal success.

Gallup Student Poll
Survey of our region’s 5th – 12th graders to measure their hope, engagement and well-being, which are key indicators of academic success.

Increase one-on-one mentoring by high school students for elementary students. Connect trained adult mentors with at-risk middle and high school students.

Positive Youth Development
Strengthen early intervention systems for the most at-risk teens. Re-engage them with their school and community.

Character Asset Training
Train youth service providers and teachers in how to build specific life skills and character traits, such as hope and perseverance, that have been shown to help youth succeed in school and later life.

Goal 3: Succeed Academically

Academic success is a good predictor of later life outcomes, such as whether a student will graduate high school and enter a postsecondary program.

Enrichment Wednesdays
Provide quality professional development time for teachers, as well as academic and enrichment programs for students.

Teacher Training
Inter-district teacher exchanges and professional development opportunities to enhance the skills of educators who teach ESL (English as a Second Language) students.

Culture of Literacy
Parent engagement and literacy education to enhance a student’s learning at home while strengthening the family’s engagement with a child’s school.

Youth Tutoring Center
Connect community volunteers with youth for tutoring and mentoring in a highly creative and engaging environment. Inspired by 826 Valencia’s “Pirate Store” in San Francisco.

Goal 4: Graduate Ready for College & Career

Future workforce expectations make it imperative that students receive a postsecondary certificate or degree in order to thrive.

Post High School Success
Dedicated college and career counselors to ensure a strong culture of college and career in all our region’s high schools. Counselors both advise individual students and lead classes in achieving postsecondary success.

Community Connectors
Engage community partners to create “expeditionary” educational opportunities for younger students and career internships for high school students.

Initiative Wide Support

Shared Data & Measurement
Partnership with Colorado Mountain College to collect and report regional data in order to track the community’s progress in moving the Cradle to Career Initiative indicators of youth success.

Public Awareness Campaign
Public outreach to increase support for youth and expand the public’s understanding of what young people need in order to flourish. Offer every community member a role in helping children to be ready for kindergarten and to graduate high school ready for college and career.

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