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Social Emotional Wellbeing

Click on the resources below to learn more about research and programs related to social emotional well being of children and youth.

Boosting Student Achievement

Produced by the Search Institute, this publication highlights longitudinal research which suggests that life assets such as strong community, family environment, and positive values positively influence academic achievement and long term student success.

Healthy Living and Graduation Rates

This case study presented by the Public Schools of North Carolina attempts to analyze the relationship between body weight, absenteeism and high school dropout rate.  It provides policy and program recommendations for improving overall health and weight of students and adds to literature on the subject of student health and achievement.

Lifting Latinos Up, boys and men

2012 report of the National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute which makes programs, systems, and funding recommendations for supporting the health and wellbeing of Latino communities and its boys and men.

Workforce Readiness Principles

Corporate Voices for Working Families knows that different approaches must be taken now to prepare our nation’s young people – our next generation of workers and citizens – to be successful on the job and throughout life, and to achieve results, we must create an integrated system of learning and development that incorporates a new examination of the following: young people, settings for learning, professional competencies and compensation, relevant accountability measures, aligned goals across sectors, better cross-sector partnerships, and an infrastructure to coordinate actions to achieve a quality workforce for the 21st Century.

Gallup Student Poll Huddle Card – Engagement

Gallup Student Poll Huddle Card – Wellbeing

Gallup Student Poll Huddle Card – Hope

In fall 2013 ACF and CCI, in partnership with the region’s four school districts, will administer the Gallup Student Poll to students in our region.  These ‘Huddle Cards’ related to Engagement, Hope and Wellbeing are prepared by Gallup to assist schools and community members in identifying potential solutions to improve each indicator for their students.

CASEL – Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning  

CASEL is an advocacy and research center with the mission to establish social and emotional learning as an essential part of education.  Three main goals guide the work at CASEL; Goal 1: Advance the science of social and emotional learning, Goal 2: Expand integrated, evidence-based SEL practice, Goal 3: Strengthen the field and impact of SEL.


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