Cradle to Career

Aspen Community Foundation’s Cradle to Career Initiative is a Collective Impact effort that builds youth success from Aspen to Parachute by serving the needs of over 22,000 children ages 0-18, ensuring that children are ready for kindergarten and graduate from high school ready for college and career.

The Aspen to Parachute Cradle to Career Initiative Action Plan

Developed by CCI Action Team participants, the Action Plan lists the strategies and actions community leaders have identified as an effective means of impacting youth success throughout our region.

CCI Early Outcomes Report for 2016

A report on outcomes of the Aspen to Parachute Cradle to Career Initiative.

“We applaud [ACF’s] leadership and commitment to education. Ensuring success by collaborating with the private and public sectors to leverage support in order to obtain all four of your prestigious goals, each aimed at helping all youth succeed, is brilliant. The positive impact of your work to reduce education inequality due to wealth disparity in western Colorado is something to be very proud of. You are making an incomparable difference in children’s lives, one of the best legacies one can accomplish.”

Governor John Hickenlooper

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